Stellan Skarsgård responds to Scott & Scorsese’s criticism of Marvel

Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard knows a thing or two about blockbuster movies, having starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Mom Mia!, Denis Villeneuve’s remake of Dune, and of course appeared as Erik Selvig in Marvel’s Thor movies and two Avengers exits.

As for the latter, there have been more than a few renowned directors who have taken a share of the MCU recently, including Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese, and Skarsgard has his own opinions, which he recently expanded upon during an interview with The Guardian.

During his appearance at the Gotenberg Film Festival, the actor made a number of points about Scorsese’s criticisms of Marvel’s work and had some interesting things to say at the time. VIDEO OF THE DAY

“What Martin Scorsese wrote in his article.” [in NYT] It wasn’t Marvel’s fault because it isn’t and he knows it. The fault is that we believed for decades that the market should rule everything and that the rich should get richer. And that’s the root of it all because what happened was all the different little distribution companies were wiped out. It is a monopoly everywhere.

He continued, “Some film companies are no longer run by people who want to make money specifically from the film because they love the film. They are run by large companies who want to recover 10% of their invested capital. Which means as long as they sell popcorn, it’s okay. That’s why all the mid-range movies under a $ 100 million budget and over a $ 3 million budget, they don’t exist anymore.

In conclusion, he added, “Mid-range films are the ones that can slowly develop in theaters. They opened in a few cinemas and they went there for years. Flight over a cuckoo’s nest operated continuously in Stockholm for 20 years. It won’t happen now. So it’s not all Marvel’s fault. It’s the fault of an idea of ​​how the world’s economic systems should work. Because these systems are all fiction, but the fiction that we’ve had over the past two decades has led to it. ”

In The Guardian, Skarsgard expanded on this, explaining that while they have no problem with superhero movies, the market has turned them into universal giants that keep ‘mid-budget’ movies from finding their true success. . He explained:

“I have nothing against superhero movies. I have been in a relationship and they definitely have a place. The problem is that the system that allows eight people to own half the world’s wealth strengthens the power of market forces, so that small independent theaters rarely exist outside of a few large cities. There aren’t any distribution channels for all the mid-budget movies that have the best actors, the best writing, because they can’t spend $ 3 million on a marketing campaign. When the theaters let them in, they do it for a week and if it doesn’t pay off in a week, they are gone.

Remember that The Godfather first opened in 100 theaters in the US – big movies now open in 4,000. They had classifieds in the New York Times, but it grew and grew because it was such a great movie. People’s opinion no longer stands a chance. And it is sad.

I think we should have Marvel movies and more roller coaster movies. We should also have other films. And that’s the sad part: When raw market forces kick in, studios start to be run by companies that don’t care if they’re selling movies or toothpaste as long as they get their 10%. [return]. When AT&T bought Time Warner, it immediately called on HBO to get lighter and more commercial. They were still making money. But not enough for an investor.

While it would make sense to have a theater market where it wasn’t all about the endless grabbing of super-profits, with sequels, remakes, and reboots produced just to make money with a well-known IP address, the probability of this happening is a million kilometers away. That said, as last year’s theatrical releases came under pressure and those that did well in theaters have followed this path of name recognition, the vast array of streaming services are pumping money into it. exclusive content could have come at the right time to give these “mid-range” films the best chance they’ve had in years.

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