State Security harasses the relatives of Andy García on the day of his trial for 11J

Relatives of the political prisoner Andy Garcia Lorenzo denounced the harassment and persecution of the State security the day you start your trial for participating in the 11J demonstrations.

Roxana García Lorenzo, Andy’s sister, in a direct on Facebook stated that since the very early hours of this Monday, State Security has been chasing them throughout the city of Santa Clara when they went to the headquarters of the Provincial Court, where the trial of 16 protesters in the capital of the province of Villa Clara.

He clarified that from four in the morning State Security agents mounted surveillance at the house of one of the friends who accompanies them to the headquarters of the Court, also known as the Hearing, where Andy will be tried with a seven-year-old prosecutor’s request of deprivation of liberty for the alleged crimes of public disorder, contempt of authority and attack.

“We hold State Security responsible for what may happen to our family and to all friends who are becoming aware of my brother’s case and who at some point of the day will come to worry about him,” said García Lorenzo.

It also showed how the seat of the court was surrounded by a strong police operation and delimited with tapes so that no one could go to sit on the nearby benches.

“Look at State Security and the police everywhere as if those who were prosecuting were criminals,” said Andy’s sister.

Also on the day of this Monday, the first day of the four that the trial of 16 protesters from that city in the center of the island will last, the activist Saily González Velázquez reported on their social networks the deployment in that area of ​​the Hearing of special forces of the Black Wasps, also known as “Los Gallitos”, in addition to the surveillance cameras were focused on the family members and activists who were located outside the court waiting for news of the trial.

González Velázquez also pointed out that there they were under pressure from rapid response brigades, made up of veteran combatants, and from many State Security agents close to them.

According to Andy’s sister, only one family member per detainee was allowed to enter the first session of the trial. “We are desperate, because we do not know what is happening there, he declared in a direct statement made by González Velázquez from the outskirts of the court, where they were accompanied by other relatives of detainees, friends and by the renowned opponent Coco Fariñas.

In that direct Roxana’s father-in-law, Pedro López, pointed out that they are “totally defenseless.” He assured that there was an unprecedented police operation there.

“The trial in which they are condemning our relatives is a sham,” he commented, in addition to summoning the EFE agency to echo the trials, “because they are condemning the best of our society, our best boys.” .

López pointed out that this Sunday they sent 32 letters to the accredited embassies in Cuba to help and protect the prisoners. “We need you. We are alone and defenseless, “he added.

Andy García Lorenzo shortly after starting the trial against him sent from jail a message in which he asked the Cuban dictatorship to leave power and stop scaring the citizens.

“For this dictatorship I say, as I did on July 11: They have just handed over power, that the imported fear and then implanted of this communism in our people, on our beautiful island, cease,” said the protester.

“I reiterate my confirmation and commitment to this cause, I continue to be in position and ideals are not negotiated, so I will continue firm despite what I have to face,” he added.

He also thanked all the people who make his case or that of other detainees on J 11 visible, whom the Cuban authorities try to prosecute for common crimes, when the real motive is political.

“I want to do a lot, but I feel helpless locked in these four rusty bars, but more than anything I want to thank, it is the least I can do, “he wrote in his message that was broadcast on the profile of his sister, who considers herself a” human rights activist “on the island.

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