Star Citizen could have several spin-offs, in addition to Squadron 42

In development since 2012, Star Citizen still does not offer a finished version, although it remains playable (provided you have a PC capable of running it properly). The studio, Cloud Imperium Games, continues to make improvements, through various updates, but the project is so ambitious, that it is difficult to know when the space MMO will offer us a final version.

During an interview with the British magazine MCV Develop, in which several topics are discussed, including the fact that Squadron 42 still needs time, Carl Jones, COO of Cloud Imperium Games, mentioned a not insignificant point, which could make those following the project smile for a few years. In addition to focusing on Star Citizen and Squadron 42, a single-player standalone, the studio already seems to have other plans, for sequels., over the next five years.

We will always have huge development resources [ces cinq prochaines années]. Because at that time we will develop the sequel and sequels of Squadron 42.

It’s clear that Cloud Imperium Games has plenty of ideas for its franchise, but let’s just hope teams don’t rush and jump into multiple projects at once, or get lost, for good. Finally, although this is not the priority, all of this could ultimately result in a “metaverse”, with an entire universe created around Star Citizen, which has great potential.

Maybe one day we’ll have something people call a metaverse – we’ll definitely have the technology to build it – but that’s not our business goal.

As a reminder, Star Citizen has raised more than $420 million since its campaign began in 2012., proving that the community strongly believes in the project and supports the studio in its actions, despite everything.

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