Squadron 42 may not be released for a year or two, according to Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen is a difficult project. Although he has collected, since his debut, a very good sum of money, his development patina and the final version, and playable properly, is still far from showing the tip of his nose. The deal is the same for Squadron 42, the solo and standalone part of the space experience. A first beta had been announced for 2020 and was postponed many times, before being canceled.

Recently, in an interview with Wccftech, Carl Jones, COO of Cloud Imperium Games, gave some details on this narrative sci-fi project that is waiting for a whole community. So we learn that Chris Roberts, studio president, is still overseeing the project, spending more time with the team than before, adding that “ any luck that means we can finish Squadron 42 faster ».

This development is however not about to be completed, since Cloud Imperium Games is still letting itself ” one or even two years »Before finishing his task on Squadron 42. Moreover, it has been repeated that we will not see anything, or very little, before the release of the title. The developers want to give themselves time, and Carl Jones concluded his statement with ” We want the game to be over, but it will be when it’s ready ».

As for Star Citizen, the studio claims that everything was on the right track. Moreover, crowdfunding recently crossed the threshold of $ 420 million, showing that part of the community still supported the project, which has been in development since 2012 and playable, in part, since 2013.

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