Sportsmen played a huge third quarter and won the first game against Echesortu

Joaquín Cingolani defines on a tray. Photo: Juanjo Cavalcante.

A plan that seems perfect falls apart in a couple of minutes. A game that seems to get complicated is resolved in just moments. Basketball is as exciting as it is unpredictable because although the influence of the talent-physical equation is still relevant, sometimes it is the strategic details that define the games and at other times the full use of favorable moments, that confidence that changes the course of history, that faith that moves mountains, or that, without being so demanding, makes the ball go into the hoop.

Sportsmen took a 1-0 lead Wednesday against Echesortu in the knockout series en route to the final home run. It was 74 to 51 at Alfredo Figna in the first of the three matches agreed to have continuity on Sunday at the San Nicolás street stadium.

And Sportsmen won it because he made the most of his favorable moment, because he remarkably solved a tactical appeal from Echesortu, and because he believed it. It reached him with a fourth, the third, which he won by 29 to 6 with high effectiveness, with intelligence in the execution and solidity in the resolution plus a marked improvement with respect to the very weak but tight first half that both casts disputed.

Sportsmen gave their interns a game to generate the gap and then when Echesortu went to the zone he found a movement of the ball and a key patience for the long doubles of Rodríguez (17), the bombs of Cingolani (12) or the downloads to Boixader ( 14). This Sportsmen does not have the unbridled spirit of other times or that overwhelming vertigo, but he found the interesting resource of offensive communication through the pass.

Echesortu had made a very interesting game plan. Intense in the chase but also in slowing down, aggressive at the key moment and hard-working near the basket to deny shots. Thus he remained in the parity field even at the front, with the plus of having failed many easy doubles near the basket. But he went almost six minutes without scoring from the court in that fateful set and then he could not return to the game.

Now these kids who are carrying out a great campaign with the guidance of Freddy Cano and Franco Sbarra will have to work to highlight the good and correct the bad, because revenge is approaching.


SPORTSMEN 74: Velardo 2, Allende 9, Cingolani 12, Rodríguez 17, Boixader 14 (fi), Dalpino 5, Zapata 2, Tripelli 3, Mécoli 6, Seveso 4, Cota. DT: Cristian Le Bihan

ECHESORTU 51: Sbarra 7, N. Román 4, Pedalino 2, Ipolitti 7, Davini 3 (fi), Kosik 1, Bertrán 10, Bísaro 4, Bravo 2, Lombardi 2, Rome, L. Román 9. DT: Freddy Cano

ESTADIO: Alfredo Figna

REFEREES: Olivera, Colman, Betoldi

PARTIAL: 11/13, 26/27 and 55/33


Before the start of the second half, one of the wooden floorboards came off and there was a lot of work from the Sportsmen people and the judges to fix or patch it. The Mono Tripelli was one of those who got down to business.


It was not our fault, because the friend Iván from Sportsmen asked the BR envoy to turn up one of the keys to turn on the lights and the effect was the reverse, with most of the lamps turned off. A while later the lighting was able to return to full power.

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