Sportsmen-Atalaya: the desire of all parties is to play in the Provincial and with the public

The meeting between the Rosarina Association and the representatives of Sportsmen and Atalaya produced only an expression of desire but no confirmation: all parties recognize that the ideal is to be able to play at the Provincial stadium and with an audience of both biases and basketball fans in general. .

With this premise, we proceeded by consensus to establish talks with the leadership of Rojo to find out the possible dates for the match.

Of course, for this premise to be fulfilled, it will be necessary to see first the availability of Provincial and then the calendar of the institutions, especially Sportsmen who have at least one more commitment for the Pre-Federal and the chance to advance if that is. win.

Last but not least, the word of the security authorities still remains to be heard, since an event of this magnitude will require an appropriate operation.

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