World Cup: Qatar plans ‘real camping’ for fans in desert

The German national team has found accommodation in Qatar: They reside in the north at the Zulal Wellness Resort.
Image: picture alliance/dpa

For 1.2 million fans from abroad, the hotels in Qatar are not enough. That’s why alternatives are needed for the World Cup. Now the organizers are presenting another idea.

WIf you look at the weather forecast for Doha these days, you realize once again how absurd the decision to award a football World Cup to Qatar was, if only because of the climatic conditions. In these days of June, when a final round usually really gets going, the thermometer in the capital constantly shows more than 40 degrees, at the top it was even 48 degrees. And even at night it rarely falls below 30 degrees. In addition, the wind sweeps the desert sand powerfully through the country from time to time.

Tobias Rabe

Responsible editor for Sport Online.

Years after the award, after worried objections, it also dawned on the world association FIFA that it might not be a wise idea to let the best football players in the world play for the golden trophy under these extreme conditions. The tournament was quickly postponed. Now it’s supposed to start on November 21st, the final is scheduled for December 18th – national holiday in Qatar. However, not everything can be solved as easily as the scheduling problem.

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