Wizard Richarlison: "You dream of it as a kid"

Not superstar Neymar, but Richarlison was the focus of Brazil’s first World Cup victory in Qatar. It was not foreseeable just a few weeks before that he would even be part of the game.

Living his dream at the World Cup: Brazil’s Richarlison.

IMAGO/Uwe Kraft

“Four weeks ago I was crying on the lawn and was in pain and afraid that I wouldn’t be able to come along,” Richarlison said after the successful start of the World Cup.

It was October 15th when the Spurs attacker grabbed his left calf against his former club Everton at the beginning of the second half, fell to the ground and was unable to continue playing.

“It was worth it. It went well”

The 25-year-old feared for World Cup participation, but was ultimately able to celebrate his comeback in the Premier League two weeks ago and subsequently gained the confidence of Brazil coach Tite. “It was worth enduring it. Now I’m at the World Cup and I’ve scored. It went well,” said the striker, who was preferred to Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus against Serbia, soberly.

Richarlison paid back, not just once, but twice: if the 39-time national player simply dusted off the first goal, he then undoubtedly conjured up the previous goal of the tournament with the second goal: he did not take an outside cross from Vinicius Junior perfectly on, the leather bounced off upwards. With his back to the goal, the World Cup debutant decided on an artistic volley side kick from the turn, which hit the corner powerfully. “It’s crazy. As a kid in Brazil, you dream of coming to this place and scoring a goal like that,” Richarlison said proudly afterwards.

As a child in Brazil, you dream of coming to this place and scoring a goal like that

The Sele├žao, who once again started the tournament as the top favorite and lived up to expectations with their opening win, at least for the time being, will meet Switzerland on Monday (5 p.m.). “I hope it continues like this,” said Richarlison. If another three follows, the record world champion would already be in the round of 16.

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