Will the next step in Mourinho’s future be to become CT?

The relationship between the club coaches and the breaks for the national teams is ambivalent: on the one hand they cannot work at full capacity as many players are scattered around the world; on the other hand it is the perfect time to indulge in a moment of rest. José Mourinho he knows it well and took advantage of the break to fly to Portugal and enjoy some relaxation.

Between a walk on the Algarve coast and a glass of Ginja and the other, the Special One also found time to collect a trophy, yet another of his amazing career. On the occasion of his 22 years as a coach and to celebrate his success in the Conference League, the coach of the Rome received the award “Quinas de Ouro”.

In the speech with which he thanked the audience and in particular Helder Postiga, the player who gave him the title and who “made my hair come white”Mourinho said he still wants to train for a long time: “Maybe not for another 22 years but for a few more years”. The Special One is therefore not sated with victories and has also admitted that he hates defeats in the same way as at the beginning of his career.

José Mourinho

Winning helps win, this is true. However, it is not easy to find stimuli when you are used to ending each season with a new cup on the bulletin board. We mere mortals cannot imagine what it feels like, but perhaps in the long run it must also be quite repetitive.

Portugal, England, Italy and Spain: these are the countries where Mourinho has coached and on each of them he has put a flag with his name on it as a sign of victory. However, after colonizing half of Europe, it is likely that the Special One may go in search of something new.

Of course, now his thoughts are entirely turned to Rome and right now there does not seem to be even the germ of a hypothetical farewell to the Giallorossi bench. And yet, anything can happen between now and the end of the season. For example, if the Portugal blatantly failed a Qatar 2022 and the Federation decides to appoint him as the new coach, what would Mourinho do?

With an enviable silverware of trophies and the reputation of a half-saint it enjoys at home, the Special One would be welcomed with open arms by Portuguese fans and would also have the right legacy to stand up to all the champions who play in the Seleção… yes, too Cristiano Ronaldo would listen to him.

Jose Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo

To be a great coach, you don’t necessarily need to be a fine strategist, you have to be good at managing the locker room, deciding who to call and who to leave at home. Simply summoning the strongest / most famous players is not always the best solution, which is why a CT must have personality. And certainly Mourinho does not lack this.

The current Roma coach also has enough experience to know how to behave in a prestigious competition. He has never participated in a World Cup or a European Championship, but there is not much difference with the atmosphere in one Champions League final.

The return to Portugal, where it all began, would then constitute the closing of a circle peppered with countless titles and trophies. Why move to another country, learn a new language, a new culture and risk failure by compromising your reputation when you can coach your country’s national team? Even there you can disappoint, this is obvious, but it would be the icing on the cake of a stratospheric career.

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