Who is the accused of the murder of police officer David Florido and what penalties are he risking?

This Monday, June 20, the Formalization hearing of the three detainees for the murder of the carabinero Givesflowery vine. One of them is accused of being the perpetrator of the headshot who murdered the non-commissioned officer -posthumous promotion- and the other two cover up the crime.

It should be remembered that the crime occurred on Friday June 10 when the carabinero supervised a barbershop in the commune of Pedro Aguirre Cerdaafter a complaint to 133 about a person who handled a weapon in the place.

Who is the accused of the murder of police officer David Florido?

The suspect in the crime is John Gonzalez Quezada, 24, who had previously been sentenced to eight years in prison for the crime of robbery with violence and intimidation. Nevertheless, he only served half his sentence and since December 2021 he enjoyed conditional freedom.

The Parole Commission had refused to grant him this benefit, arguing that they had doubts as to whether he would be able to reintegrate into society. Finally, a decision of the Court of Appeals of Santiago upheld the appeal amparo filed by his defense and revoked the Commission’s decision.

However, Gonzalez could return to prison again to serve the remainder of his remaining sentencesince when there is a new crime, the alternative benefit of serving a sentence is revoked.

Carabinero murdered in Pedro Aguirre Cerda, David Florido. Photo: Police

What are the penalties that detainees risk?

The accused of the crime of David Florido, in addition to half of the sentence that remains to be served, risks simple or qualified perpetual imprisonment. Thus, could add up to 40 years in prison if justice proves that he is the author of the murder of the carabinero.

For their part, their concealers were identified as Julio Vidal and Marcela Garciawho would have helped to hide the subject, ensuring that he was not detained for more than a week, while Carabineros carried out raids in search of the whereabouts of the homicide suspect.

The woman would also be Judiciary official and had a romantic relationship with González. In this way, Vidal and García could risk a penalty from the five years and one day in prison.

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