What went wrong between Rabiot and Juventus?

The experience of Adrien Rabiot with the shirt of Juventus. As reported by Sky Sportsthe Frenchman has in fact officially asked the bianconeri to be sold and his mother / agent Veronique has already offered him to Paris Saint-Germain.

For Juventus fans, the possibility of separating from Rabiot almost represents the liberation of a burden given that he never managed to confirm the high expectations he carried with him when, in the summer of 2019, he landed in Turin.

The class of ’95 was considered by everyone “the next big thing” of French football and his free transfer was praised as yet another coup by Fabio Paratici. With him in the team, Juve would have had all the credentials to break the Champions League taboo and instead now not only is the Big Ears Cup further away than ever, but Rabiot has been elevated as a symbol of the unfortunate signings made by the bianconeri in the last few years.

Adrien Rabiot

The enthusiasm of the square is not due to the simple economic aspect. The French has been burdening for three years now 7 million euros net per season on the coffers of the Old Lady, but mainly the tactical plan is the sore point. In fact, neither Sarri, nor Pirlo nor Allegri managed to find an ideal location for him and put him in a position to best express his qualities. The point is right here: what are its qualities?

In the press conference that kicked off his second Juventus mandate, Massimiliano Allegri declared that Rabiot was a player with “at least 10 goals in the legs”, believing he was an insertion midfielder with a fair amount of finishing ability; the technician then retraced his steps, admitting that the Frenchman “has different characteristics” than what he expected.

After three seasons, after seeing him at work with multiple coaches, in multiple game systems and in multiple positions, we still haven’t figured out if Rabiot’s best quality is physique, insertion, dribble or ball recovery. . At first glance seems to be able to do it all, but essentially it doesn’t do anything right.

Adrien Rabiot

Yet in the midfield of the France world champion his name is always there. Coach Didier Deschamps dotes on him and has never questioned his qualities. In the Nations League match against Croatia, the goal of the Bleus bears his own signature: Rabiot first serves a teammate, then throws himself into space and closes the triangle by beating the goalkeeper with a strong shot at the near post. He’s the stuff of a level midfielder.

The feeling you get from looking at the ’95 class on the pitch is that you are not dealing with a fool, with a player who simply failed to meet expectations. Rabiot knows how to play football. Except that, as happened with Kulusevski, Juventus are not the ideal environment to express themselves at their best. In the end divorce seems like the best solution for both of us. Sometimes certain loves are destined not to blossom.

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