What does a fan do on a summer weekend without Serie A?

But how boring a weekend without it can be A league!? Of course, in the summer you can go to the beach, the days are longer and you can do many things, but the most aggressive fans still miss football and can’t wait for the new season to take mine.

If you, like myself, are twiddling your thumbs on an anonymous weekend in June, here’s a list of four activities that might keep you busy.

Ciro Immobile

Okay, maybe it’s a bit early since the transfer market hasn’t started yet. Yet, the most prepared fantasy manager starts planning the next season right now: he is informed about all the new arrivals, follows all the players on social networks to also know the details of their private life and is able to establish who he will be right now. protagonist in Serie A 2022/23.

It goes without saying, however, that you have already won.

Italy v Turkey - U19 Friendly Match

“Hey do you want to go out tonight?”
“What are you crazy about !? Don’t you know that the Norwegian championship has just started and that in the Japanese one there are four teams competing for the first place?”

Those who live off football cannot resist without attending a match. It doesn’t matter at which latitudes you play, the important thing is to see that ball roll and go into the goal. Ah, and anyway, tonight the European Under 19

AAc Napoli's players train during the pre-season praparation ...

Can we say that the sea is a little overrated? The heat, all those people, the traffic to get to the beach … but wouldn’t it be better to opt for the tranquility of the mountains?

This year do not fall into the usual trap and choose wisely the destination for your holidays. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself by pure chance in the same location where your favorite team is in training camp (you can check here where it will go). But I repeat: by pure chance.


But how did all this passion for paddle come about? Now my 50-year-old uncle who has never played sports in his life also plays there.

Ride the paddle-mania too: buy yourself a racket and rent the court with your friends. So you too can be like Totti, Vieri, Cassano, Adani, Bergomi … okay, the list would be too long. You understood the concept so much.

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