What can Luka Jovic give to Fiorentina?

How can you tie an attacker who has arrived at the real Madrid for 60 million euros with the market prospects for the attack of the Fiorentina? At first glance it would be complex to do so, at least in principle, but the roads of the transfer market they know how to be more unpredictable than ever, even schizophrenic, so much so that they have made an otherwise purely utopian path plausible and valid.

Luka Jovicin essence, appears today as one of the players closest to wearing the purple jersey and we can discover, even quite easily, what unexpected resources come to the aid of the lily club to complete such a deal: the desire to relaunch of a player recovering from a decline, i more fruitful relations than ever between the viola and agent Ramadani but also, at the same time, the good precedent Odriozola which allowed the Spanish side to find space and continuity in the last season. Important ingredients to which the well-known clues were added, with Jovic’s likes for news related to the viola world, not least the official renewal of Italian “celebrated” also by the Serbian striker, complete with little heart social.

Luka Jovic

At this point, having established that due to unpredictable trajectories we have left the plane of science fiction and entered that of possibilities, it becomes necessary to understand what contribution Jovic can give in the Fiorentina di Italiano, in case of actual arrival in A league. The Serbian born in ’97 has so far lived a rather peculiar trajectory, in his career, experiencing only one exceptional season which (at the moment) appears to be the absolute pinnacle: the 27 goals scored between the Bundesliga and the Europa League in the 2018/19 they still represent Jovic’s personal masterpiece, something that hasn’t found a worthy following. The performance of that season also led fans and insiders to not even consider the 60 million that the team was excessive Merengues they paid out to secure Jovic: a jewel on the launching pad for which, in short, it seemed logical to have to spend similar amounts.

It becomes evident, however, that the Real Madrid shirt has a very special weight, which does not reconcile with the need to leave a mark as a substitute, on those rare occasions granted in the parade of stars that Blancos they have in themselves. A difficult impact that is undoubtedly linked to the pressures and the lack of minutes, which also finds an edge on a tactical level: the exploit with Eintracht took place in the context of a 3-5-1-2 or 3-5-2, with another real striker to talk to, while in 4-3-3 (as the first striker) things have obviously changed. A statistical evaluation that certainly cannot cause the Viola to worry: the clearest data concerns the playing time, that is, the transition from immovable starter to reinforcement to be thrown in at the end, a situation that obviously weighed negatively.

Real Madrid v Osasuna - La Liga

But, moving on to the player more than on his previous experiences and his numbers, how could he fit into Fiorentina and what could he give to the Viola attack? There are issues strictly related to the role, skills of shrewdness and movement without the ballwhich are added to equally important aspects: he is not a particularly tall player (181 cm) but has shown, especially in his exploit at Eintracht, to be also skilled in the air game and in the banks for companions, going to communicate effectively as before and thus making offensive play unpredictable.

This is a player who, in his prime, has shown that he is not merely a penalty area ram or a cynical first striker: he has also proved skilled by retreating the range and widening, a quality that could also let imagine (sporadically) one virtuous coexistence with Cabral and not just an alternation. More inadequate, however, when it comes to managing the ball in a reasoned way and serving it to the teammate: game viewing is not his forte and his passing stats, short as well as long, are not exceptional. Returning to the strengths, the rapidity in the change of direction as well as the strength of the melee, of course he does not shy away from duelsnot even when dealing with physically more impressive power plants.

The nose for goal and the ability to kick well with both feet they then trace the profile of one ruthless and potentially lethal point, as emerged after all in that magical season of his and above all in that incredible path in the Europa League under Hutter’s orders. In its most prolific year, what clearly caught the eye was the ability to be constantly found in right place and at the right time, therefore in the best conditions to express all their cynicism in front of goal. The distance (reflecting both on Jovic and on Cabral) remains evident from a striker who also knows how to reveal himself as a “director” in the way he converses with his teammates, as sometimes done effectively by Vlahovic last season.

UC Sampdoria v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A

In purple it is obviously natural to imagine it as first striker in 4-3-3 Italian license plate (Nico Gonzalez, Jovic and Ikon̩ therefore), without therefore tactical upheavals in sight, but Рtrying to suppose a sporadic coexistence with Cabralthe Brazilian could be seen as an offensive terminal, accompanied by an element of greater balance such as Saponara on the trocar and by Jovic himself as a second striker, getting closer to 4-3-1-2.

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