Werder President is angry about the police measure

SV Werder Bremen was critical of the police measures used in Wolfsburg this Saturday during the first matchday. Above all, President Hubertus Hess-Grunewald positioned himself clearly.

Was upset about the police requirements during the guest performance in Wolfsburg: Hubertus Hess-Grunewald.

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According to the Bundesliga climber from Bremen, Werder ultra groups returned home without further ado due to the drastic police measures in Wolfsburg. “This represents a clear competitive disadvantage for Werder,” said the SVW in a statement.

Club president Hubertus Hess-Grunewald also commented on “Sky” about the guest appearance with the wolves, which the green-whites had sportingly designed with a 2: 2 after an initial 0: 1 and later 2: 1.

And the judgment of the 61-year-old was harsh. Basically, Hess-Grunewald could not and did not want to understand why the comparison between Wolfsburg and Bremen was not classified as “green” by the authorities, but as “red” and thus as a problem game.

“It was the case that our fans arrived here and were arrested at the train station by the Wolfsburg police,” said the President. “Search measures and personal identity checks were ordered. In the beginning, even our fan representatives had no way of ensuring communication because they too had to submit to controls again and again. In the end, this meant that relevant parts of our fan scene decided to go home.”

I expect a political correction from the decision-makers.

Werder President Hubertus Hess-Grunewald

Hess-Grunewald recognized this approach as harassing and blatant as well as excessive restrictions that would have curtailed the freedom of the supporters themselves: “This is a development that we cannot approve of. Both clubs had made an assessment of the security situation in advance and had this The game is assessed as green. The fact that the Wolfsburg police then come to the conclusion that it is a red game and in advance – without anything happening – takes such serious, liberty-depriving measures … I have to say that is extremely worrying.”

With his closing speech, the president of SV Werder, who has been a member of the club since 1970 and followed Klaus-Peter Fischer in 2014, added: “We seriously have to ask ourselves: what kind of fan culture do we want? We are proud to have a lively fan scene in Germany to have fans in all stadiums, to have away fans. If we then welcome guests like this and treat them like that, then that can’t be in the spirit of spectator football. I actually expect a political correction from the decision-makers, because it can’t stand still and must not be repeated.” Hess-Grunewald expressly defended the local police forces in Wolfsburg, who, according to his statement, were also surprised by the handling – only to emphasize again with a clear opinion: “Everyone has to ask themselves: what kind of football do we want and what do we want to be for a country? A free country or one that has to compete with other countries that we don’t see as being so free?”

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