Video recorded the crime of a 76-year-old man who shot his grandson in the neck in Argentina

The day of this Wednesday 76-year-old man regained his freedom after being arrested by murder a his 29-year-old grandson, event that occurred last Monday in the Buenos Aires city of Bahía Blancain Argentina and that It was recorded by security cameras.

The author of the crime, identified as Domingo Faustino Berna, was subjected to a hearing before the Bahiense Homicide prosecutor, who iInvestigate the death of Brian Berna, so his grandfather He will continue to be charged with murder.

A judicial source explained that the prosecutor charged the old man with the crime of “qualified homicide for the link and be committed with a firearm, having exceeded the self-defense that he was exercising”. The same informant pointed out that at the hearing the defendant refused to testify on the advice of his defense attorneys and then regained freedom.

“Taking into account the penalty provided by law for this crime and the advanced age of the defendant ordered his release”was indicated from Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) of Argentina, which will continue with the investigation.

A security camera managed to capture the exact moment when the grandfather shoots his grandson.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon. in a house at 600 Cobián street, in Bahía Blanca, where the suspect was with his grandson. A police chief explained that, apparently, during an argument, the older man shot the young man, who died of his injuries.

After a call to the 911 emergency service members of the Patrol Command attended the scene and personnel from the 4th Police Station, with jurisdiction in the area, who They found the body of the minor of the Berna lying on the floor. To the place too medical personnel, Scientific Police and prosecutor Viego arrivedwho gave various instructions to arrest the victim’s grandfather as a suspect.

During a farm inspection detectives found several weapons, including a .32 caliber revolver, apparently used for committing the deed and even a broken broomstick.

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