Vasco, Cruzeiro and Fluminense win in the Brazilian Under-20

(Photo: Betinho Martins/CR Vasco)

Five matches opened the second round of the Brazilian Under-20 this Saturday (18). Highlight for the victories of Cruzeiro, Fluminense and Vasco, against Botafogo, Athletico-PR and Santos, respectively. The games between Fortaleza and Bahia and Ceará and América-MG ended in equality. See, below, how the games of the round went.

In Nova Iguaçu (RJ), Vasco defeated Santos and maintained a 100% record in the championship. Cruzmaltino’s team opened the scoring just ten minutes into the game: Paixão received in the area, cut and served Cauã Souza, who filled his foot and put it on the string.

In the final stage, at 25, Caio Dantas played for Eguinaldo, he invaded the area and found Juan – who swung the nets and defined the stop. The team from Rio now has six points in the Brazilian Under-20. Already the Fish follows with three points.

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Fluminense beat Athletico-PR in a game played at CAT do Caju, in Curitiba (PR). The game’s goal came in the second half. In the 18th minute, Miguel Vinícius took the rebound of a ball on the crossbar of the Hurricane, put it in the nets, opened and set the score. Tricolor won the first three points in the competition. Hurricane remains with the three previously added.

In Niterói (RJ), Cruzeiro won its first victory in the championship by beating Botafogo. The goal came in the 21st minute of the final stage: Kaiki crossed on the left side, Breno appeared on the second post, launched himself on the ball and placed it in the back of the net. Raposa now has three points in the Brazilian, while Glorioso continues with the three previously added.

tied games

In the duel between tricolores, Fortaleza and Bahia tied in a six-goal game at CT Ribamar Bezerra, in Maracanaú (CE). The Esquadrão de Aço opened the scoring, in the 20th minute, with a goal scored by Patrick. At 36, Aruba finished the move and extended it to the visitors. The Bahia team even made the third, again with Patrick, in the 39th minute.

The reaction of Tricolor do Pici started at 44: Nycollas put it in the nets and decreased. In the second half, the hosts sought a tie. First, at 12, Affonso finished for the goal and scored the second. In addition, at 47, Pedro Henrique put it at the bottom of the string and gave the final numbers to this great match: 3 to 3. The duel still had two expulsions. Ryan Guilherme, from Leão, and Pedro Borges, from Esquadrão. Fortaleza and Bahia added their first points in the Brazilian Championship.


Ceará and América-MG were tied in Itaitinga (CE). Vozão opened the scoring. At 34 minutes into the opening stage, Pedro Ivo received on the left, entered the area, swung the mark, took it to the right and kicked firmly on the post, on the rebound, Juninho released a bomb and swelled the nets.

The equalizer of the Minas Gerais team came in the 25th minute of the second half: Luan Campos infiltrated from the left, kicked hard and left everything the same. With the result, the Cearenses add the first points in the competition. The miners have four points in the tournament.


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