Thiago Rodrigues: “I was born to play for Vasco”

O Vasco ended the goal problem after the arrival of Thiago Rodrigues. The archer has been doing the job and is already one of the main pieces of the team this season. This Thursday, he spoke about his time at the Rio club.

“I was reflecting when I get home from training, after the game, the atmosphere of Vasco. The responsibility is also gigantic. When I define a sentence and create this narrative, I say that playing for Vasco is not for everyone. I know the size of the responsibility that I have to carry the Maltese Cross on my chest and wear this shirt. I see who passed through here, good and bad times they had. When you express that, it’s really something very strong, much more than words, which manages to put all the work that was done, to have an understanding of what you represent”, said Thiago Rodrigues.

(Photo: Daniel Ramalho/CRVG)

The goalkeeper, excited about his own phase, praised Vasco and highlighted his harmony with the club.

“It’s not for everyone, it’s very pleasant, we know how good it is. When I say that I was born to play for Vasco, I get here and I have a wonderful reception from my teammates, employees. taken and the fan screams his name. If there’s a great trophy in his career, I think this is it. A show of respect, affection, reverence for his work. Really, I’m very happy to be here. I’m very accomplished, I think I will conquer many things here. This phrase defines well what I’m living”, he declared.

Vasco returns to the field this Friday, against factory worker, in São Januário. Cruzmaltinos want to remain in the vice-leadership of Serie B.

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