The writer Juan Gabriel Vasquez talks about his book Back to the view back – Music and Books – Culture

It is written from the same obsession that has animated almost all my books. That obsession with telling the space where private lives, intimate lives, collide with the mysterious forces of history and politics”, said Vásquez.

Vásquez, one of the most prestigious intellectuals in Latin America, spoke with La Nación in Madrid, during the Writers Festival promoted by the Vargas Llosa Chair. Winner of the 2011 Alfaguara Prize for The noise of things falling, recognized twice with the Simón Bolívar National Prize for Journalism, decorated by the French Republic with the Order of Knight of Arts and Letters, and, in Spain, with the Order of Isabella the Catholic, has translated Joseph Conrad and Victor Hugo, among others.

They have turned us into small militants of small fundamentalisms and what I see is armies of individuals who walk around with their index fingers outstretched, judging people

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