The reason why Elon Musk still does not buy Twitter – Apps – Technology

On June 6, Musk threatened not to complete the purchase of Twitter precisely because of this issue, since he had not received the information he required from the company. And then “there is the question of whether the portion of the debt round will meet and whether the shareholders will vote in favor”, Said the tycoon regarding the other two issues still pending.

Musk, who stated at the beginning of the conversation that he is “limited” in what he can say because of “sensitive topics” and the possibility of being sued for his words, also assured that in the event that the Twitter purchase is consummated, this will not affect China.

“Twitter doesn’t operate in China,” he said, adding that he thinks China “doesn’t interfere with freedom of expression in the United States,” so he doesn’t think there will be a problem balancing Tesla’s interests in China with the future acquisition of China. the social network.

Likewise, he pointed out that, in the case of consummating the operation with Twitter, he would concentrate on “push the product” on the network, but you don’t necessarily plan to be the CEO.

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