The R5 Turbo is back – electric!

The R5 Turbo also holds a particularly honorable place in Renault’s motorsport history. Now the “Baking King” is coming back – electrically, but unfortunately only as a study for the time being.

R5 Turbo E: Equipped with ten mounts for cameras inside and out – this is how drift deposits are to be documented.


The Renault 5 was born in 1972. That means: The legendary small car is currently turning 50. Or better: Dignified, because it was retired in 1996.

Renault has done quite a lot with the R5 over the course of its life. It was available with three and five doors and with a notchback, and a convertible was also launched. And, above all, the R5 Turbo. The French manufacturer still calls it the “most spectacular Renault athlete of all time”.

electricity instead of fuel

Reason enough to honor the most radical R5 with a special, electric homage: The R5 Turbo 3E does not swallow petrol, its exile in life is electricity. Visually, the new “Backenturbo” unmistakably takes its predecessor as a model, but its features have been “consciously exaggerated”, as it is said. In view of the huge rear wing and the extremely wide fenders with the typical integrated air intakes of the Turbo 2, the viewer will only agree.

Renault 5Turbo 3E

Winged: The huge rear wing should press on the ground when drifting.

At 2.02 meters, the Turbo 3E is a full 25 centimeters longer than its ancestor, the body is made entirely of carbon fiber, and there is no air intake on the bonnet at all, instead it houses the charging socket for the battery.

The interior is adorned with checkered seats, an FIA-approved roll bar ensures safety, and ten displays provide the necessary information, just like in the past, but no longer in the form of analogue round instruments, but small screens.

Drift and donut mode

There is an electric motor on each of the rear wheels, and together the duo produces 280 kW/380 hp, which is enough to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and run at a top speed of 200 km/h . But that’s not all, there’s still more to come. Drifts, for example, the upright handbrake lever in yellow is correspondingly impressive, in addition to a special drift mode there is also “Donut” for 360-degree turns, a steering angle of over 50 degrees supports the ability to corner obstacles at lightning speed.

Renault does not say how the range is ordered. Just this much: The 42 kWh battery provides enough capacity for several laps on the race track.

R5 Turbo

Has already inflated the cheeks: R5 Turbo from the year 1980.

The Renault 5 Turbo/Turbo 2 was built from 1980 to 1985, not in the production facility of the other R5 models, but at Alpine in Dieppe. A four-cylinder turbo mid-engine with intercooler, displacement of 1.4 liters and 118 kW/160 hp drove the rear wheels via a five-speed gearbox. In rally use, the Turbo won three world championship rounds, including the 1981 Monte Carlo Rally.

Premiere at the classic car show

The R5 Turbo 3E will not bring in such a winning laurel for the time being. Its existence is that of a show car. On September 25th it will be shown at the “Chantilly Arts & El├ęgance Richard Mille” classic car show, then it will move on to the Paris Motor Show (18th to 23rd October).

But it is already certain that the civilian Renault 5 will get an electric revenant. Not on time for the 50th birthday – but in 2024 it should be so far.

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