the error on the pitch and to the microphones

GermanyItaly turned on the controversy about Donnarumma, guilty of a trivial mistake that gave the fifth goal to Hansi Flick’s team and increased the fool of the National team in the Nations League (the Azzurri had not conceded 5 goals for 60 years). It was not the mistake of the Italian number 1 on the pitch that sparked the controversy (it can happen), but the goalkeeper’s piqued response to the (legitimate) question of the Journalist Rai Tiziana Alla.

What is striking, I do not want to rage, it is not the first time that this type of uncertainty has occurred to you”Asked the journalist in the analysis at the end of the race. “When did it happen to me, with Real Madrid, with the foul? If we want to make controversy about these things let’s do them. I’m giving a team talk about it tonight, we’ve all made mistakes. There is no culprit, we will face each other and analyze. Then if you want to blame me for the mistake, blame me, no problem. I am the captain, I take the blame and my responsibilities, but I go ahead with my head held high as I always have“.

A facade of responsibility, a “come on“to belittle and ridicule the journalist’s question, which raises other speeches. Donnarumma was the best European player won by Italy in 2021. Between performances monstre and decisive penalties saved was an absolute protagonist of Mancini’s victory.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

He was also the protagonist in the sensational debacle of Italy which culminated in second place in the group behind Swiss and in the elimination of the Azzurri from the Playoffs to access Qatar 2022. His performances have not declined, when it is in the evening Donnarumma still makes the difference, but he has shown, remaining within the national team, some difficulty in setting from below.

For a goalkeeper, it is clear, the mistakes they are much more obvious than the right passages. They remain in memory and are branded as a fool. The short pass, even if pressed, in a risk zone such as that of the penalty area, is now common practice for many teams. An absolute level goalkeeper must be able to manage this pressure, real of the opponents and of the game itself, and cannot afford to make mistakes, under penalty of compromising the result and his own mental balance.

It happened, and it didn’t the only time (in the others the ball did not end up in the net and the memory went fading as for example with England). Donnarumma, without diminishing his value between the posts, had difficulties with his feet which put him in the spotlight even with the PSG shirt. With the armband he even arrogantly (or in any case piqued) replied to a journalist who underlined a real fact, an error that happened several times even with the blue shirt which, if repeated, can turn into a problem.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Including the moment and the possible frustration and disappointment, it is therefore not a question of raging or not being grateful, but of doing one’s job by asking for a lawful thing, and receiving a mature response, as a captain of the National.

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