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His first appearance, in 1971, is not included in this book, which opts for the formula of presenting a single five-part story with Indefensible, published in 2005, although recovering, yes, the original alignment.

The plot is, it must be said, the least of it, a caricatured Dormammu wants to take over the cosmos and only the most dysfunctional team of the editorial stands in his way. That gives play to characters like Umar, Dormammu’s sister, and, very, very briefly, Clea and demonic variations of familiar heroes.

The only reason you can’t dismiss this tome from first glance, with a cover featuring a Namor with the annoyed expression of Richie Rich’s Reggie Van Dough, a warped and stupid Hulk, and a smug-faced Silver Surfer. of crash test dummy, is that the names of Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis appear on it.

It is with all its letters a legendary duo, which has earned, at least, the benefit of the doubt.

The first is a writer/artist who over the decades has worked on just about everything: from Justice League to Ghostbusters, and from Lobo to Scooby-Doo. In fact, he was in charge of the Defenders in the ’70s. The second is the same writer who gave us Kraven’s Last Hunt, one of the pivotal Spider-Man arcs in the past Marvel series.

That doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the subversive nature of this tome, which leaves no stone unturned, and which seems intent on showing that nothing is sacred and everything can be a joke. It is a youthful approach, of course, but also an effective one.

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