The best central midfielders to sign in Football Manager 2023

In real football, as well as in that faithful representation called football managerthe role of the central midfielder, in all its multiple connotations, appears increasingly crucial in both phases.

Also in Football manager 2023 therefore, it becomes strategic to identify the right names to deploy in midfield, regardless of the chosen form. Opportunities are not lacking, regardless of the budget you have available: these are the best central midfielders to be purchased and put under contract in FM23.

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This is a midfielder already mentioned when talking about defensive midfielders, for quality-price he is one of the most interesting profiles to secure in the game, for around 2 million euros. If you’re on the hunt for refined feet and fantasy, though, look elsewhere.

Raphael Carioca

A very different player from Souza, in this case he is a playmaker whose strengths are passing, technique and vision of the game. You can buy it for around 2.3 million, advanced age is the only drawback.

Rade Krunic

The joker from Pioli and his Milan can be a good solution even in FM, without having to pass out. It costs just under €5 million and is notoriously complete in both stages.

Oscar Trejo
Rayo Vallecano

The 34-year-old could push you elsewhere but the playmaking characteristics are exceptional, the values ​​in passing, technique and vision of the game are 16: in the short term it makes sense to bet on it, for 1.5 million euros.

Andres Guardado

A real team man, capable of combining quality, substance and experience (with mental qualities to underline). He costs around 800 thousand euros and is therefore a good deal even at 35 years old.

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Alvaro Fidalgo

A great quality playmaker or attacking midfielder, there are many reasons to buy him: he’s 25 years old, costs just 400,000 euros and has impressive technical skills: 17 in passing and vision, 16 in fantasy.

Nicolas de la Cruz

Another big deal, considering both his 25-year age and the roughly 2 million it takes to get him. Midfielder with an offensive vocation, quick and creative as well as capable of dribbling.

Fernando Gorriaran
Santos Lagoon

Another footballer with an offensive propensity, for 1.8 million it is absolutely worth keeping an eye on him: willing, tactically intelligent and technically very valid (both in directing and in dribbling).

James Bonaventure

Less than 4.5 million to have the purple joker: midfielder or attacking midfielder, making sure he brings home an element capable of combining technique and tactical acumen, with top-level mental skills.

Robert Pereyra

It will cost around 6 million euros but will give you great qualities and a lot of versatility: generous, determined and excellent even in setting.

João Moutinho

João Moutinho

Being a thirty-five year old it is clear that this is a short-term solution. It costs around 5 million euros and offers a lot of quality: 17 in passing, technique and vision of the game.

Charles Aranguiz
Bayer Leverksen

The expert Aranguiz, compared to other elements mentioned so far, also offers a great contribution in interdiction. What is striking, then, are the mental qualities: a real team man, an excellent follower.

Sergius Darder

Really complete midfielder, with great attributes both in setting up and when it comes to recovering the ball: 17 in vision but also 15 in tackling. He’s not cheap (almost 20 million) but the level is excellent.

David Silva
Real Sociedade

We certainly don’t find out today, he is a protagonist for years at very high levels, with few rivals in terms of technique and imagination (19 in technique, 18 in dribbling). He costs just over 5 million, it may still be worth it.

Sergius Robert

A real joker, notoriously usable in midfield but also as a right side. It costs 11 million euros: the value for money is still excellent.

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Mateus Uribe

Great mental qualities and mostly defensive characteristics, the 16 in tackling is underlined, also skilled when it comes to restarting (14 in passing). It costs about 11.5 million euros.

Jose Campana

Midfielder with an offensive propensity, excellent in directing and also skilled in set pieces. Not terribly fast but, for 14 million, it may be worth the investment.

Marek Hamsik

The 34 years of age only partially make their weight felt, Marekiaro it costs only 1 million euros: a leader’s mentality and still high-level technical qualities.

Weston McKennie

The American from Juve makes versatility his strong point, in FM as in reality: tactically disciplined, generous and skilled both in interdiction and in insertions.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Having just joined Inter, he will have no interest in leaving the Nerazzurri immediately but, waiting a few months, it could become a valid deal: technique and mental qualities are of the first order.

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

Sergei Milinkovic-Savic

Devastating midfielder in terms of physique and technical qualities, logical that it is the forbidden desire of many clubs both in reality and in Football Manager: securing him for less than 60 million would be a golden deal.

Luke Modric
real Madrid

He’s the second best midfielder in the game, he’s 36, yes, but having him in the team is still a pleasure. Short-term solution: ideal for a instant team aiming to win right away.

Geoffrey Kondogbia
Atletico Madrid

For just under 23 million euros it can be a bargain. The physical and athletic skills are of a high level, he then combines useful qualities both in construction and in interdiction. As quality-price is a valid choice.

Pedro Goncalves
Sporting CP

Already an excellent player but with further growth margins, phenomenal in insertions (for finishing and shooting from outside) and technically very valid. It’s worth the 40 million it will cost you.

Teun Koopmeiners

Versatile and complete midfielder, just like in reality: he still has potential to grow and betting 23 million on him could be an intelligent solution, not just in the short term.

90min recommend

Nicholas Barella

Among the most complete midfielders around, a true all-rounder: securing him for just over 50 million would be a really big deal (far from obvious, however, succeeding).

Tony Kroos
real Madrid

An incredible 20 in passages already says a lot but also the other technical qualities (in addition to the scary mental ones) demonstrate how much Kroos, like good wine, improves over time.

Stanislav Lobotka

It costs around 30 million euros, making sure you have a valid director in the team, who is however able to make an excellent contribution even in the interdiction phase. It is no coincidence that he is one of Spalletti’s immovable.

Guido Rodríguez

It costs around 23 million but offers first-rate defensive qualities and thus manages to make an investment in him in Football Manager advisable.

Mikel Merino
Real Sociedade

Finding it among the transferable can make your fortune, investing between 30 and 40 million to get it is worth it: director’s technical skills are combined with exceptional mental qualities. Also good in interdiction.

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