“Superlega? I understand the revenues but I don’t like closing to small clubs”

The manager of the Rome Tiago Pinto made statements directly from the Giallorossi retreat in Japan. The dg speaks in the round: come on World Cup in Qatar up to the next market and then move on to the topic Super League. Here is what emerged.

On the World Cup in Qatar: “Civil rights in Qatar? We live in a free world and I think many people have fought before us to make us free in all countries, so this is an important thing and a value that we must protect. The other thing is that for me football is more than a sport, football has a social impact and we need to know how to use it with the right message.” reports Calciomercato.com

On the next market: “Without a doubt we take into consideration the opinion of our coach, but also the limits imposed by the Financial Fair Play.”

Jose Mourinho

About the Super League: “I’m from Portugal, a small country and we have one of the best coaches in the world and one of the best players in the world. Maybe if we had had the Super League for the last 20 years we would never have seen José Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo. I understand the business because I’m in the business. I understand the revenues, but I don’t like being closed to small countries and small teams. Football is made up of surprises, you never know what happens on the pitch. Look what Saudi Arabia did with Argentina”.

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