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Photography by Lesley Wolf.


For Ronald Mayorga, Secretary of Culture of Cali, “It is a way of proposing a new festival to the city, mapping what is happening in the ways of making art, the new citizens, the young”.

He adds that trends such as free style, rap, are part of the daily life of many people on Cali weekends, which go far beyond salsa and trends with which several pilots have been made.

“There are 200, 300 boys doing battles, managing their own leadership, in a way of occupying free time, turning aggressiveness and violence into something positive.”

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To give many more opportunities to the winners, hopefully outside the country

The good use of free time has been another of his projects, “since the creation of shows focused on equity and the body as a territory.”

Three of the members of Feminal Crew are mothers “and that has been a plus in our process as artists and cultural managers. Having children hasn’t prevented us from studying and being professionals or stopping participating in the different calls”. And she says that Azalee, her six-year-old daughter, is already inclined to music thanks to her dad and her dancing because of her mom.

“Since I was a child I was an artist. When I discovered break dancing I found the perfect mix between playing sports and dancing. I come from a single mother home, we are three sisters and we didn’t have so many opportunities. But with the tools I received, I got ahead and dance arrived in the Guaduales neighborhood, where I grew up.”

Fest branch

The Fest Branch will have various expressions.

Today, many dancers of this genre in Cali feel represented by this young woman and have also started their own fight. That is why her story at the Branch Fest is important.

By the way, with the holding of this meeting, the Cali festivals will be launched for the second semester, an agenda that includes the Flower Pot Festival, from July 29 to July 4, with 100 points of sale of this tradition. between godparents and godchildren who appeared in the film Encanto.

Likewise, from August 10 to 15, returning to its traditional date, it will be the Petronio Álvarez, with a great commitment “to give the winners many more opportunities, hopefully outside the country,” says Mayorga.

In addition, there is the Cali Book Fair, the Film Festival and to close the year, the local fair.

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