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During the 90’s, the two were building that alliance making recordings for commercials and television while they were developing their artistic projects in parallel. Andrés Cepeda’s career was consolidated at the beginning of the 21st century and has been growing since then with the strong support of his manager.

Olivar has been key in promoting his artist in the media, in negotiations with record labels and with show promoters, even taking risks that have taught him hard lessons. He actively participates in the selection of the repertoire for Cepeda, although he recognizes that Andrés has a great nose for choosing his own songs. He knows the environment like few others and his dealings with the musicians and the technical staff are respectful and conciliatory.

With the appearance of digital platforms and the enormous transformation of the music business, the traqueta mentality that today has relegated all those who do not sing reggaeton was consolidated. This situation led Olivar to look for other venues where his artist was treated with respect and he succeeded.

They have just finished a tour of the United States and Canada with presentations in emblematic venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Miami Arts Center, Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and Berklee Performance Center in Boston. The current format of the band that accompanies Cepeda is completely acoustic and includes a repertoire of what I call “the recycled old library”. I’m referring to classics like the bolero ‘Me estás hacen falta’ or the famous ‘Noche de ronda’, interspersed with the main songs from Cepeda’s repertoire.

He already has a loyal audience among the Hispanic Americans residing in the United States who accompanied him on this tour. All this with the persevering and loyal support of a manager who avoids the spotlight, works non-stop and prefers to celebrate his victories in silence..

Column by Óscar Acevedo, musician and music critic. Email: [email protected]

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