She discovered that her husband was a woman after ten months of marriage – People – Culture

It all started in May 2021 when they met on a dating app in the city of Jambi, Indonesia. The woman posed as a successful neurosurgeon recently converted to Islam who was looking for a wife.

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The suspicions began after they went to live with the victim’s family. Relatives noticed strange behavior in Arrafif, such as bathing with clothes on, not taking off his shirts and having lumps on his chest. Given the latter, Arrafif defended himself by saying that it was a hormonal problem.

The doubts about Arrafif were not only physical. The family also wondered if he really had the profession he said. According to them, he spent a lot of time at home, had very flexible hours and had no diplomas or anything to verify the supposed titles.

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The woman was not allowed to go out, receive visitors or call her relatives. Furthermore, Ahnaf Arrafif controlled his wife’s finances. Finally, the victim’s mother reported her daughter as missing.

The police arrived at the place where they live and when questioned, she admitted that in reality she was not a man as she had said and her real name was Erayani.

The complainant immediately filed for divorce and accused the other of having defrauded her family of more than 20 thousand dollars, about 80 million Colombian pesos.

Under Indonesian law, the woman who posed as a man could face a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

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