Santos x Red Bull Bragantino in the Brazilian women’s football

(Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo/Santos FC/file)

Live: Santos vs Red Bull Bragantino in the Brazilian women’s football

Santos and Red Bull Bragantino will face each other this Sunday morning (19), at 10 am, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Women’s Football Championship. Watch the duel live here for the Every Day Olympics. The Sereias da Vila seek rehabilitation in the championship, as they come from a 4-2 defeat to Cruzeiro, at Estádio das Alterosas, in Belo Horizonte. Cristiane and Ketlen scored the goals for the Santos team.

At the first opportunity for Santos, at 2 minutes, in a raised ball in the area, Thaisinha arrives first than the marking and heads with danger, and the ball passes very close to the post. Four minutes later, the side Giovana Oliveira put his head against his own goal, and opened the scoring for Cruzeiro. At 14 minutes, Ana Carla advances on the right side, invades the area and crosses closed, and the goalkeeper arrives first than the Santos strikers.

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Brena appears well in the midfield, escapes the marking and kicks from the entrance of the area, and the ball passes close to the left post, at 17 minutes of the game valid for the Brazilian Women’s Football Championship. Cruzeiro scored the second in the 24th minute, with a free kick by Mari Santos. In the sequence, Cristiane appears inside the area and finishes, and the goalkeeper defends. In the 29th minute, the referee signals the maximum penalty for Santos, and the striker Cristiane took responsibility and went for the kick, and didn’t waste it.

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In the home team’s next attack, Laysla made the third. In stoppage time, in the 47th minute, Fernanda took a risk and the ball dangerously passed over the goal. In the second half, at 22 minutes, Bruninha leaves with Brena still in the defense field, and she promptly lets go with Julia. The midfielder charges into the attacking field and throws Ketlen. Shirt 7 crosses for Cristiane, but the Santos striker doesn’t arrive in time to finish. Two minutes later, with a penalty, Mari Santos made Cruzeiro’s fourth.



At 29 minutes, in a plot on the right side, Jane arrives well, wins the marking and crosses into the area. Ketlen anticipates the defender, and completes to make the second of the Sirens. Bruninha received in good conditions by the right in the 37th minute, and she crossed back, for Júlia’s hit. She arrives well, and hits with danger, and the ball passes close to the left post. The confrontation now for the Brazilian Women’s Football Championship is against Red Bull Bragantino and you can watch it live here at the Olimpiad Every Day on Sunday (19), at 10 am.


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