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For the second consecutive semester, Santa Fe was left out of the title dispute. These are the causes of a new and painful elimination.​

Despite an auspicious start, Cardetti could not find a way around the team or convince them of his idea of ​​the game. And to complete, he lost both classics against Millonarios, in the worst expression of his team in the campaign. He threw, in his farewell, a dart at the players. Pass without sorrow or glory.

In addition, Santa Fe is the third team with the highest number of warnings, 58, only surpassed by Unión Magdalena and La Equidad. That factor, especially the expulsions, greatly affected the team’s performance.

Wilfrido de la Rosa, who had come to the club with a very good track record at Deportivo Pereira, was hopeful on the first dates, but physical problems took away his continuity. The same thing happened with Matías Mier, who was important when he played, but he was also very affected by injuries.

Added to that list of failed reinforcements was defender Alejandro Gutiérrez, whom Cardetti knew from his time at Bogotá. He made very serious mistakes and ended up relegated to the bench.

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Jose Orlando Ascencio
Sports Sub-Editor

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