Russell: “Positive technical directive, but it’s a palliative”

George Russell is certainly one of the fittest riders of the moment. The performance of the Englishman of the Mercedes is there for all to see despite a W13 that is at times undriveable. Now, with the new technical directive of the FIA ​​which in fact should limit and greatly the phenomenon of porpoising (to the detriment of performance, ed) the car should be more comfortable for the drivers, but everything is still to be seen.

“I’ve only raced here once but it was a great experience – Russell told a press conference. It is a track that is constantly evolving, in the 2019 drivers parade I got goosebumps from the warmth of the fans. When it comes to a race weekend we are all very energized, we are experiencing a difficult moment, but on Wednesday evening we can disconnect, we went to the restaurant all together and it was a beautiful evening. We have to wait to see what happens: Baku has been difficult for us and other teams, now there will be changes, fortunately we are at the forefront from this point of view ”.

“I’m not a technical expert, but I think this directive is positive for the riders, there was a quick reaction. First of all, what has been proposed for this weekend I think is more a palliative than a real solution, because even for teams that suffer less from porpoising they have a lot of it. The hopping effect is wider than we expected ”.

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