Rider Marlon Zanotelli wins 2nd place at the CSI 5* in Madrid

Ljuba Buzzola/Hubside Jumping

The Brazilian rider Marlon Zanotelli took second place at the CSI 5* in Madrid, on the Global Champions Tour, last Saturday (14th). Riding the horse VDL Edgar M, Marlon Zanotelli completed the course in 39.91, exactly the same time as Irish Darragh Kenny, thus sharing the second place.

The first place in the event went to the Dutch rider Sanne Thijssen, who won the biggest title of her career with a time of 39.15. Another Brazilian in the tournament was Yuri Mansur, seventh place, after getting a time of 41.50.

+ Mariana Chaves is in 4th place in show jumping in Italy

Philip Greenlees takes second in Montefalco’s CSI 4*

Who also had a good performance last Saturday was the Brazilian Philip Greenlees, in the 125 cm hurdles event of the CSI 4* of Montefalco. Riding the horse Salvatore 29, he took second place after completing the course in 31.9, without committing penalties. The title was with the Swede Jannie Canovill, who recorded a time of 28.81.

Other Brazilians who participated in the event in Italy and who stood out were Francisco José Mesquita Musa, fourth in the time trial with a tiebreaker (125 cm obstacles), recording the mark of 30.4; Bernardo Cardoso de Resende Alves, fourth in the time trial (145 cm obstacles), with a time of 64.42; and Luiz Felipe Cortizo, who took fourth place in the time trial with a tiebreaker (140 cm obstacles) doing the course in 40.6.


Camila Mazza wins at Kronenberg’s CSI 1*

The good results of last Saturday did not stop there. Brazilian rider Camila Mazza won first place in the 135 cm hurdles event at Kronenberg’s CSI 1*. The feat was achieved after Camila completed the courses in 72.01 and 37.51 respectively.

In the two-phase CSI YH1, Thiago Ribas da Costa took second place, doing the courses without penalties and with times of 44.12 and 40.41 respectively. The winner in this race was the Italian Nicol Vaerini, with times of 41.45 and 39.11.


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