Red Bull, Perez: “Verstappen is already one of the best ever”

The retirement in the Canadian GP has made Sergio Perez slip to forty-six points behind Max Verstappen in the championship, even if the Mexican is only formally fighting for the world championship, with his role within the Milton Keynes team – that of second guide – always pretty clear.

Sergio Perez, who has been with Red Bull for a year and with a contract already extended also for 2023, has also established an excellent relationship with his team mate, not hiding his esteem for the reigning world champion. Perez has probably exaggerated, wondering if for the qualities demonstrated in recent years Verstappen cannot already be considered the best driver ever.

“Max is a very complete driverPerez’s words reported by GPBlog.comI think he is undoubtedly one of the best Formula 1 drivers ever, if not the greatest already. He has qualities that no other driver possesses, like that of going to the limit from the first free practice session to the end of the race weekend “.

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