Rachel Kennedy: the young woman who won the lottery but not the prize – People – Culture

However, after telling her mother and her boyfriend about her new fortune, the company told her something unexpected.

As reported by the English media ‘The Mirror’, ‘EuroMillions’ spoke with the young woman to explain that in reality he would not unwrap the money because at the time of buying the lottery ticket, his bank account had only 2.50 poundss -what the ticket costs- but the bank automatically rejected the purchase due to lack of funds.

In an interview with the local media ‘The Sun’, Kennedy explained: “I called the number thinking that I had won 182 million pounds and they told me ‘Yes, you got the numbers right, but you didn’t have enough money for the ticket in your account so you never really bought it‘”.

“I was on top of the world when I thought I had won,” the young woman told ‘The Sun’.

The company offered a statement where they wrote: “We are aware of Rachel’s story and hope that you arrive early to purchase a ticket in the next great drawing.”

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