Presidential debate: RTVC awaits joint request from the campaigns – Cinema and Tv – Culture

“The Public Media System is attentive to receiving said joint request from the candidates and in this way comply with what is established by the court,” the text adds.

RTVC He explained that he has what is necessary for the realization and that “he has asked the two campaigns to send the joint request in a timely manner, as a necessary and indispensable condition, to make the coordination of production, programming and promotion that correspond to the debate, as ordered the said court”.

The Superior Court of Bogotá ordered the candidate for the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro, and the one for the League of Anticorruption Governors, Rodolfo Hernández, mandatory attendance at a presidential debate ahead of the second round of elections. In accordance with the decision, this debate will have to be held within 48 hours of notification of the ruling, that is, the last deadline must be this Thursday, June 16.

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