Power struggle in Augsburg: Reuter as the winner under pressure

After the resignation of President Klaus Hofmann and the surprising conclusion of coach Markus Weinzierl, managing director Stefan Reuter seems to be back in the saddle at FC Augsburg. But is the manager the right man for the restart? A comment by kicker reporter Moritz Kreilinger.

Has to take care of a lot this summer – and is in the spotlight: FCA manager Stefan Reuter.


First, Markus Weinzierl informed the team of his decision not to hold talks about a contract extension. Then he inaugurated the TV viewers. The fact that Stefan Reuter also found out about his coach’s withdrawal via “Sky” on Saturday afternoon reveals the irreconcilable differences between the two. The coach lacked appreciation – he was tired of the fact that Reuter had fixed the talks about a contract extension after the end of the season. Weinzierl’s withdrawal is therefore only logical.

Both did not really find each other in the second term of the coach. The driving force behind the Lower Bavarian’s return campaign in April a year ago was someone else anyway: Klaus Hofmann. The powerful president and string puller of the investors GmbH only announced his resignation on Friday, citing “health problems” as the reason. But the timing raises questions. Things have been brewing behind the scenes for a long time. In the fall of last year, the bang was already threatening. According to kicker information, Hofmann only decided at the last moment against an initially planned release from Reuter.

The cooled relationship between the two did not really thaw until the end. This has become increasingly clear in recent weeks.

So there could no longer be a common future for the trio at FC Augsburg. It was no longer between Reuter and Weinzierl, it was no longer between Reuter and Hofmann. But it was not the managing director who had to pack his bags at the end, the other two took their hats.

Unhappy is still euphemism

Reuter seems to be back in the saddle now. Who could be dangerous to him now? The leadership vacuum would be perfect if he were released. Together with CFO Michael Ströll, with whom he has a close relationship of trust, Reuter will now plan the restart – and will have to find a new coach. But the 55-year-old is under massive pressure to succeed.

The world champion of 1990 has left his hand for quite some time. Numerous of his decisions in the area of ​​​​squad planning and on the coaching post are described as unfortunate or euphemistic. The FCA can’t really afford to plan another season at this level – that could end in relegation next year. The fact that the club escaped this again in the eleventh Bundesliga year was once again due to the even weaker competition.

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