Portugal vs. Ghana: LIVE FIFA World Cup 2022, minute by minute – World Cup Qatar 2022

10′ Ronaldo is already beginning to warn. First shot caught by the Ghanaian goalkeeper.

8′ A lot of control, little action. The teams are not yet fully animated.

5 & ​​# 39; First chance of the match in favor of Portugal. Otavio sends the ball deflected.

0′ The match begins at the 974 Stadium.

0′ Cristiano Ronaldo breaks down in tears when he hears the anthem of his team.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the training of his selection


Resolved the hieroglyphic that proposed his future, in an untenable situation in the British club, decided since last summer to force the departure of the English team that he has now provoked with some statements to ‘Talk TV’ and waiting for the fate that will bring him Beyond next December 18 (if he reaches the final) or before, depending on how far he reaches as the leader of a generation of a very high level, he now focuses solely and absolutely on the last feat that Cristiano has pending. Proud of all he’s accomplished, that doesn’t mean he settles.

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