PHOTOS | These are the actors and characters of "Until you find yourself": Know who is who in the new TV series

Until I find you” is Mega’s new daytime TV series with Light Valdivieso Y Daniel Alcaino like its protagonists. Both will be concerned parents who, after 20 years of losing their daughter, are suspicious of how things happened.

Alejandro Trejo, Coca Guazzini and Sigrid Alegría are also part of the cast, where illegal adoptions and lies in the family will be the main theme. Check out here for more plot details.

Who is who in “Until you find yourself”, the Mega TV series that replaces “Hidden Truths”

Luz Valdivieso as Catalina Cienfuegos, the protagonist who in her youth faced enormous pain when she found out that her daughter, Emilia, died shortly after being born. After separating from the girl’s father, she formed a new life, although 20 years later the subject resurfaces. She is a social worker at the Fundación Alegría para la Infancia.

Daniel Alcaino as Lautaro Cáceres, who was Catalina’s partner years ago and the father of the deceased Emilia. The man also formed a new life, although he always had the concern that the version of what happened that they gave him is false and that he will be able to find his daughter.

Currently Lautaro is married to the kindergarten teacher Pamela Castaño, played by Lorena CapetilloAnd he’s a history teacher.

Cesar Sepulveda becomes Cristobal Gaete, a prestigious surgeon who married Catalina (Luz Valdivieso) after what happened in her youth and who helped her get ahead. They both had two daughters, Montserrat and Blanca.

Alejandro Trejo becomes the priest Francisco Echeñiquethe spiritual guide of Catalina’s family, who is suspected by Lautaro of having been responsible for giving the baby up for adoption and forming the lie of her death to cover it up. He is also the brother of Asunción, Muriel’s adoptive mother.

Coca Guazzini is Piedad SugarCatalina’s mother, who was part of this decision more than 20 years ago and has been hiding the secret from her daughter all this time.

Sigrid Alegría is Asunción Echeñiquea Family Court lawyer who has an adopted daughter named Muriel, whom she received illegally. Francisco Ossa will be Jaime Benaventeher husband, defense attorney for Human Rights.

Valentina Acuña is Muriel Benavente Echeñique, the young daughter of Asunción and Jaime. She entered the university with a scholarship thanks to her excellent performance as a swimmer. Together with her boyfriend, Gabriel Ugalde, she helps the towns with her uncle, Father Francisco.

Álvaro Morales becomes Esteban Ugalde, known in his youth as “Loco” Ugalde. He was a university classmate of Asunción and Jaime, but he dropped out of the degree, among other reasons because of the relationship that his friends began. He is the father of Gabriel, boyfriend of Muriel.

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