Peppa Pig, Winnie Pooh and other children’s series banned due to controversy – Cinema and Tv – Culture

This usually happens in specific countries that have a problem with what has just been broadcast on television. Here we tell you some of the examples.

The government’s reaction also led to images of the bear being available on the internet being blocked to prevent the creation of more memes.

However, the episode aired in Australia and there, in a country that has more than 10 thousand species of spiders, a large percentage of them poisonous, it would even be dangerous for children to feel free to approach and touch all the insects without supervision, so the episode was banned.

Sponge Bob has characters like ‘Squidward’, ‘Patricio Estrella’ and ‘Sandy’, among others.

However, there is a specific chapter in which “Squidward” is contemplating suicide, which was considered very strong content for minors, so it was taken off the air.

Also, many of the scenes showed the characters smoking or drinking alcohol, actions that are not seen as appropriate for programs aimed at minors.


The series tells the adventures of Ash Ketchum, and Pikachu.


YouTube: Cartoon Network LA

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