Neymar and the rumors about Juventus: in France they clarify

Yesterday, from a perspective marketwas undoubtedly shaken by the rumor that emerged from Spain regarding the future of Neymar: the Brazilian acrobatic was approached, specifically, to the Juventus. On the one hand the player himself would have attempted an approach and on the other Merry would dream of having in the team an element with the qualities of the star of the PSG.


Right from the start, however, it was complex welcome the news in a different way from mere speculation market and today, in France, they continue to follow the most reasonable and prudent line: L’Equipeto tell the truth, as early as last night, he underlined how Neymar is in the process of having his contract renewed of another season with PSG, until June 2027without contemplating the idea of ​​an imminent farewell.

All net of the obvious consequences of the latest statements by Al-Khelaifi, intending to make its own requests for sustainability and prudence so far alien to the world of PSG. Nothing imminent, however, or nothing that passes from a sensational intertwining on the Paris-Turin axis.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi

And even considering Neymar as a redundancy (paradoxical as it may be) it is clear that the 36 million net per season make it completely science fiction to approach a reality, that of Juventus, ready to address different profiles: either with a heavy card but still young (like Vlahovic) or a free transfer business, even if more experienced, like Pogba.

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