Néstor Lorenzo has already defined a venue for the Colombian National Team – International Soccer – Sports

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However, in the last two ties, the team has not performed as well at home. On the road to Russia, he only got 15 points out of 27, although he made up for it with what he got on the road. The tie for Qatar 2022, which left the National Team without a quota, first, with Carlos Queiroz, and then, with Reinaldo Rueda, showed a poor Colombia at home: 13 points out of 27, a balance that, this time, could not recover at home

“Playing in Barranquilla is difficult, not only for the team that is coming. It is difficult for us. In many games I have seen the team in difficulty. I speak personally, not because I want to change the home of the National Team, never. But it gets difficult. People do not understand how hard it is when you come from Europe to Barranquilla, with a time change and without sleeping well,” he declared then.

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“I felt comfortable with the seven years at the headquarters in Barranquilla because I think there was a special energy, but hey, that is to evaluate later, “said Lorenzo. The question, in addition, was related to the fact that the Argentine today leads a high-altitude team, Melgar de Arequipa, at 2,300 meters.

The Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium.


Municipality of Barranquilla


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