Miguel ‘Supermán’ López, in a plot to distribute prohibited substances – Cycling – Sports

Colombian cyclist Miguel Ángel “Supermán” López, runner of the Astana and also accused in the investigation directed by court number 4 of Cáceres.

Maynar’s assistant, a doctor in Exercise Physiology, was also arrested in the operation.

There are a total of eight people investigated in this plot, whose members had specific missions, including obtaining chemical components that they later mixed to make prohibited drugs, including one used for doping, the Menotropin.

The network used the facilities of the University of Extremadura to serve the clients that other members involved captured.

Eric Mas, ahead, followed by Miguel Angel López.

Another of those investigated, in this case in the Basque Country, is the exclist Ángel Vázquez Iglesias, who was sanctioned in 2007 for doping until 2010, but even so, he managed to participate in some competitions before the end of his sanction period. .

Apparently, Vázquez Iglesias recruited young people to send them as clients to Maynar, among them a minor federated in a provincial swimming federation.

The investigation remains open with the collaboration of security forces from other countries to which shipments of these prohibited drugs have been made.
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