“Mertens refused 4.5 million gross. Now young people are needed”

After the afternoon preview, at home Naplesthe president’s words were expected in full Aurelio De Laurentiis regarding the farewell of Dries Mertenswords to Radio Kiss Kiss which in effect sanction the end of an important history such as that between the Belgian and the Campania capital. These are the statements of the blue patron:

Mertens proposed for another year because he knows he’s 35, but if it comes down to vile money then I have to tell him no. Can we say goodbye to Dries for good? Yup, I offered him 4.5 gross and he refused them a that point I greeted and thanked him for the extraordinary fact, but we cannot go against our ability and possibility. We must take young players who can guarantee the future of the next few years“reports AreaNapoli.

Dries Mertens

Onfarewell to Koulibaly: “I let Koulibaly go because he asked me, Barcelona also wanted him but didn’t have the money because they are in trouble. Then Chelsea came forward and at that point we couldn’t say no to a character like Koulibaly, although I tried to keep him by offering him 6 million net for an important investment. But if a footballer wants a new experience in a prestigious club, one must be grateful and cannot hide behind a no.“.

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