Medina, Filipinho and Ítalo advance to the semis in El Salvador

(Photo: Thiago Diz/WSL)

Brazil will have three representatives in the semifinals of the El Salvador stage of the World Surf League (WSL). Gabriel Medina, Filipe Toledo and Ítalo Ferreira won their heats this Thursday (16th) and secured a place among the top four of the Salvadoran stage of the CT.

Previously qualified for the third phase for having won his heat in the first phase, Gabriel Medina qualified for the quarterfinals after beating Caio Ibelli by 16.00 (7.83 + 8.17) to 11.23 (5.00 + 5.73). The three-time world champion hit beautiful aerials and that’s why he received high marks, forcing his compatriot to surf for the combination, which didn’t happen. In the quarterfinals, Medina eliminated Australian Jack Robinson. The Brazilian got 12.50 (6.33 + 6.17) against Robinson’s 6.50 (5.50 + 1.00).

+ Carol Santiago makes fifth gold and Gabriel Bandeira breaks world record

Filipe Toledo, world ranking leader, defeated Yago Dora in the round of 16. In a heat with waves without much volume most of the time, Yago remained ahead of the scoreboard until the final stretch, when Filipe Toledo fitted a series that received 8.33. Thus, he won by 14.66 (6.33 + 8.33) to 11.33 (5.93 + 5.40). In the quarterfinals, Filipinho had a great performance against Callum Robson, from Australia and won the dispute with a sum of 16.67 (8.17 + 8.50) against 10.57 (5.00 + 5.57) for the Australian.

Ítalo Ferreira was the only one of the Brazilians to go through the elimination round. He defeated Barbadian Josh Burke 13.20 (7.33 + 5.87) to 8.83 (5.10 + 3.73). The Olympic champion then beat Australian Connor O’Leary by 14.73 (7.83 + 6.90) to 13.43 (8.10 + 5.33). In the quarterfinals, Italo Ferreira faced Ethan Erwing, also from Australia. The Brazilian got the victory thanks to an aerial in the last minutes of the heat, winning by 17.47 (8.80 + 8.67) to 16.10 (8.60 + 7.50).

Eliminated in the recap

Jadson André was eliminated by Australian Callum Robson by 12.00 (5.50 + 6.50) to 9.20 (4.13 + 5.07), while Miguel Pupo fell to American Jake Marshall, by 9.26 (5.83 + 3.43) to 8.20 (2.97 + 5.23). His brother Samuel Pupo spent most of the heat in front of the Australian Connor O’Leary, with 12.53 (6.00 + 6.53), but the opponent got the turn at the end, with a 6.00 and a 6.63 (12.63) .



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