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Mayer Candelo, DT of Deportivo Cali.

He knows it, he recognizes it. “There are no excuses, here I am responsible,” said Mayer after the defeat against Envigado. The DT who made magic on the field, now suffers from the lack of it. And although this is just beginning, he does know how urgent the results are. “The mess is my fault, because if the team looks like that it’s because the message hasn’t been understood,” Mayer added.

That is why today’s match is so special, not only because he returns to El Campín, another epicenter of his genius as a player when he was dressed in blue, but because victory became an obsession, a necessity, he is not even content with the tie, because the table already hangs.

Deportivo Cali

Deportivo Cali lost against Envigado and is last in the League


Dimayor – Vizzor Image

For this Saturday’s game, Mayer Candelo, who knows the secrets of the dressing rooms like nobody else, needs Teo back, the best Teo, the most committed, and that’s why he included him in the call. What is past is past, now Cali needs to look ahead, react, and for that Mayer is here: the one who was a magician inside the court needs his best tricks from outside.

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