Mauricio Gómez, journalist, died on May 13 in Bogotá – People – Culture

Gómez was also a lawyer and director of the newspaper El Siglo. In addition, he worked at the 24 Hours Newscast. Within your professional careerHe stood out as a great chronicler. In the last 10 years, The journalist worked with Yamid Amat at CM& and at Noticias Caracol.

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Gómez Escobar was forced to leave Colombia in 1988, after receiving threats against his life.

Mauricio Gómez (right) received the Guillermo Cano Journalistic Merit Award in 2017.


Nestor Gomez / TIME

At that moment, Mauricio, his son, recalled that precisely his father had instilled in him that passion for journalism.

“I remember very young that my great passion was, ever since, to read the newspapers in the morning. I woke up and it was the first thing I did: run to look for them. Once, however, the newspapers were not there; they told me that that day They had not arrived. In the afternoon I managed to find them in my father’s desk, and there I learned the reason why he had taken them first and taken them away: there were some photos with victims of the sinister and famous ‘court of death’. flannel’, and I didn’t want those images of violence to become part of our daily lives,” recalled the late journalist.

– This is how the National Park remained after the departure of the Emberá Indians

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