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(You can read: These are the names that sound for Gustavo Petro’s cabinet)That was the case of the presenter Mary Méndez, who published said image on her Instagram profile.

The woman, from Santa Marta, is known as Mary Mendez. However, her full name is María Beatríz Méndez Dávila.. This could be seen in the photograph that went up.

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“Any citizen who proves to have exercised the right to vote legitimately, may have a half-day of paid compensatory rest for the time he uses to fulfill his role as a voter,” indicates the page of the Registrar’s Office.

Those who certify that they exercised their right to vote will have preference in the event that they present an entrance exam to a higher education institution and their result is tied with that of another candidate.

In addition, one month of compulsory military service will be reduced for high school or auxiliary high school soldiers or two months if they are peasants or regular soldiers.

Likewise, they will have “benefits in the award of educational scholarships, rural properties and housing subsidies offered by the State in cases of equality of conditions strictly established in an open contest.” The benefit will also apply in calls for State jobs.

Those who present their electoral certificate will also have a 10 percent discount on the cost of registration if they are students of an official institution of higher education, in addition to a 10 percent discount on the issuance of the passport, which can be used in the four years after the election.

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