Luisa Fernanda W made public the face of Dominic, her second son – People – Culture

Marriage he had not made Dominic’s face publicSince, as both assured, “many envious people are around social networks and they wanted to avoid bad and negative comments.”

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“I am clear that there are more beautiful people with good vibes in networks because I receive beautiful messages every day, but Pipe tells me ‘Lu, there is no lack of the envious. So at another time we uploaded the baby’s photo, “said the content creator on her networks.

An angelic face, with a white complexion, similar to Máximo’s features when he was born, flushed cheeks; This is Dominic, the second gift from God for which Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda are grateful.

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The reel already has more than 700,000 likes and more than 13,000 comments, such as: “Beautiful”, “I died of love”, “what a beauty, many many congratulations”, “what a beauty of a baby and the two together is for one to melt ”, “He is a little angel”, are some of the comments that can be seen in the publication.

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