Leao-Milan, the renewal is postponed again. The Portuguese, however, sends signals via social media

Rafael Leao seems to be intent on continuing his adventure at Milan. The Portuguese player wants to continue a growth path that has led him to be one of the most appreciated talents in the European football scene. An intention also shared by the new owner: Gerry Cardinal intends to lock the striker once the purchase of the club is concluded, with Leao earning 6 million euros net per season plus bonuses.

Rafael Leao

The moment of transition at the corporate level is playing a fundamental role in the club’s strategies Via Aldo Rossi. Continue to postpone the renewal of Maldini and Massarawith RedBird who is immediately faced with a knot to be solved to keep Milan at high levels. The issue with Sporting Lisbon is also intricate: Leao will have to pay a fine of 16.5 million after the stormy farewell with the Lusitanian club in 2018.

Even if on vacation, Leao does not miss the opportunity to show his support for the AC Milan cause. From the Rossoneri balls under some recent posts by Renato Sanchesuntil the answer to the teammate and next captain Calabriawith the latter having posted on his profile a photo with the Scudetto cup. “Let’s go for more”, that is to say “Forward for new victories”, this is the comment of Leao who once again proves to be attached to the club.

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