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Registrations closed in record time and more than 4,000 participants registered for the 21-kilometre and 5-kilometre courses.

In this way and as a team, we ratify the national commitment of President Iván Duque Márquez to connect the regions with infrastructure mega-projects that generate dynamics with social meaning and equity.”

“With this project we want to bring people closer to the great works of
infrastructure that Colombia has.
We hope that the athletes, going through the tunnel
of La Línea, get to know it, appropriate it and be bearers of the pride that
We Colombians must feel in front of this work that has improved the conditions
of road safety and connectivity in the country”, said Juan Esteban Gil Chavarría,
General Director of INVÍAS.

Daniela Maturana, Vice Minister of Sport, pointed out: “From the Ministry of Sport
we will be present at the La Línea Tunnel Half Marathon,
promoting the
physical activity and sport as a strategy of equity and equality.

Once again we praise this initiative of INVÍAS for the promotion of a healthy life through sport”.

Prior to the athletic race, race kits will be delivered on Thursdays
May 12, Friday 13 and Saturday 14
at the Metropolitan Convention Center
of Armenia (street 26 North #6-19 A). Participants should note that
only the delivery of the utensils will be made, these days, and that on Sunday no longer
none will be delivered.

21 K: The departure is at 08:00 am from the Américas interchange (toll
Quindío direction Calarcá-Cajamarca)
then a return is made in the
kilometer 7.6 of the La Línea tunnel and the arrival again is at the
Americas interchange.

5 K: The departure is at 11:00 am from the Américas interchange (toll
Quindío direction Calarcá-Cajamarca),
return at km 2.5 of the corridor –
before entering the tunnel of La Línea– and arriving again at the
Americas interchange. The return is made before entering the tunnel of
The line.

This eco-sustainable action aims to perform complete physical activity by merging cardio with the strength of muscular intensity (squat) and contribute to caring for the environment and reducing pollution. 50 ploggers will accompany the La Línea Tunnel Half Marathon, of which 30 will go behind the runners’ corrals collecting the rubbish generated in the tunnel and 20 will be permanently at the Américas interchange (point of departure and arrival) to conserve I clean the place.

Besides, thanks to the Departmental Institute of Sport and Recreation of Quindío
(Indeportes Quindío) 20 disabled athletes
will participate in the
5K category of the half marathon. Thus, INVÍAS demonstrates its commitment to the
inclusion within the framework of the social actions that it develops to bring the
national road infrastructure to citizens.

These are the facts with heart and teamwork, with which the government and
INVÍAS ratify their commitment to the reactivation of the national economy
through activities that allow citizens to take ownership of the projects
roads and that athletes can enjoy all the cultural, environmental and
landscape that is presented at the Crossroads of the Cordillera Central, pride of the

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