Juve’s plans for the future

Andrea Agnelli remains at the Juventus and launches a new challenge: combining sustainability and competitiveness. A somewhat difficult operation but still supported by a strong ownership and a reorganized team. The Juventus club – according to what we read from the Gazzetta dello Sport – it has stable revenues above 400 million (and not below 200), boasts real estate properties (stadium and citadel) resulting from investments for almost 400 million, has 900 people in companies, has positioned the brand on a global scale. Not only that: the market value of Piazza Affari is around 875 million, all despite the unsatisfactory last two years and 700 million of capital increases requested and obtained.

Andrea Agnelli

The enthusiasm persists, and so does the serenity. Juve has changed to readjust themselves, but always with Agnelli in command. The farewell of Marotta led to a “horizontal” structure, but with the arrival of Arrivabene here is the return to the “vertical” together with the return of Francesco Calvo.

The club’s goal is to cut the costs of the squad, without losing sight of the results on the pitch. The qualification for the Champions with the achievement of the second round is the minimum goal, as well as obviously fighting for the Scudetto. Always according to what was reported by the Rosea the duty is to make effective investments: the budget is still bright red, but from 2022-23 everything can change. Post-pandemic earnings will also resume, with 70 million coming from the stadium and a few more sponsorships that will have to go hand in hand with performance on the green rectangle.

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